Monday, September 5, 2011

Bills: DONE

About a month ago, I paid the FINAL bill for Bailey's medical stays/visits for 2010.  I think we may have 1 for 2011, but I think its only 100 bucks. Maybe I already paid it.  Who knows.  I should add up how much everything cost together...Luckily we got a few discounts...and thank goodness for insurance.  It was over $100,000!!!  There's no way!!! NO way we could've ever paid that!

I just keep hoping, and praying that there is no pending surgery in a few months.  But Bailey has been going thru a growth spurt lately, so hopefully that doesn't make it worse.  Hmmmpf.  She's such a great little girl.  (For some reason I felt like doing an update today and brag about being done with bills.) :)