Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 25th...

January 25th, Bailey is having her surgery.  We decided on the bone graft surgery.  It has brought on a lot of anxiety for me.  I keep asking myself a LOT of questions...  But since the surgery is in 6 days now, I guess its real.

She's such a trooper, and I know I couldn't be that strong.

I really hope that this is the LAST one.  I am putting so much faith in those doctors.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well, who would've thought that there would be a #3. Not me!! Looks like Bailey will have her 3rd surgery in January. The bone they put in last October is just gone. 6 months ago he said it was about 50% about gone. Today we got the bad news it was just gone. We need to decide if we will take none from the back of her head or a plate. We could've done her bone the first time, but didn't want to put her thru more. So why didn't we in the first place, cause now she's going to need to go thru more.

I told her what was going on. She just said okay. What a tough kid. I asked her how it made her feel. She just gave me a thumbs down. Such a cute kid.

I'm so bummed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bills: DONE

About a month ago, I paid the FINAL bill for Bailey's medical stays/visits for 2010.  I think we may have 1 for 2011, but I think its only 100 bucks. Maybe I already paid it.  Who knows.  I should add up how much everything cost together...Luckily we got a few discounts...and thank goodness for insurance.  It was over $100,000!!!  There's no way!!! NO way we could've ever paid that!

I just keep hoping, and praying that there is no pending surgery in a few months.  But Bailey has been going thru a growth spurt lately, so hopefully that doesn't make it worse.  Hmmmpf.  She's such a great little girl.  (For some reason I felt like doing an update today and brag about being done with bills.) :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Probably my LAST post...

This will probably be my LAST post on this blog.

Bailey had her 6 week follow up appt with Dr. Walker today...

He said everything looks good, and that he  doesn't need to see her for SIX months, and at that time, she'll need to have a 3D CT scan.

We also told him the story how Bai asked if she could text Dr. Walker to see if she could ride her bike.  He gave her a big smile and said, you can text me anytime. HAHA.

We talked to the plastic surgeon on the way out, and he remembered Bailey right away, and said the incision looks good.  She wasn't happy to be there, that's for sure....

We are SOOO thrilled not to have to (hopefully, knock on wood) go back to Primary Children's Hospital for SIX MONTHS!!!

Thanks for everyone's support thru everything...We're glad its basically over :)

Our bills have been super high, but we got a bit of good news with one of them (our highest one).  They said if we paid it off in full, this week-they'd discount it 30%.  That's a BIG chunk of change.  So we're gonna do it, and make it work.  That'll save us a lot of money in the long run, and it'll have one bill paid off.  WOOT!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Follow Up Appt

The Tuesday following Bailey's surgery we had a follow up appointment with Dr. Siddiqi and Dr. Walker.

Bailey was completely unhappy about going to the hospital again, but we assured her that she wouldn't get any pokes, and she wouldn't get hurt in any way, and the doctors would just look at her.  I feel so bad for her sometimes...

They all said everything looks great, which we knew would be the case, and Dr. Walker wants to see her in 6 weeks, and Dr. Siddiqi (the plastic surgeon who did the Bone graft) wants to see her in 6 months.

Dr. Walker (We still think he's the bee's knees) feels pretty confident this was a one time thing and its all over with for the most part.

It was really nice to have these guys working in the same clinic so we didn't have to go to multiple offices that day and they work together, its just nice.

We tried to go get an image of the bone graft from CT, but the lady in medical imaging was just SUPER rude.  We walked up to the Window and she picked up the phone...I swear she just pretended someone was there...and then she was rude our entire conversation.  She wanted to charge us for the CD, when we weren't charged before.  We'll just have to work our way around that one.  It's too cool of a picture to not have for records to show Bailey when she's older, what it looked/looks like.


Doing one of her favorite things. Coloring. On her bed, downstairs. Little girl would color all day. She has crayons, probably in every room of the house, even some in the car. I know it kind of has a glare from the flash, but we bought her a porcelain teaset that has princess stuff on it from ROSS for being a brave girl in the hospital...She LOVES it. :)

Bed Downstairs...

I brought her mattress downstairs, because I thought it would be easier for her to get up and down out of it, and didn't want her hitting her head on the railings and such. She loved it, it was so fun for her. I thought it would also help promote more rest for faster healing. I think it helped with everything overall. She did stay up late watching movies most nites, and that has been a hard habit to break, but I'm gonna blame her Dad for that one. He's the one that would set up the sleep timer on it...

It only was like this about a week, and she's back in her own room now, and has slept thru the nite in her room 2 nites in a row now, which is a record. I'm pleased as punch! haha