Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Probably my LAST post...

This will probably be my LAST post on this blog.

Bailey had her 6 week follow up appt with Dr. Walker today...

He said everything looks good, and that he  doesn't need to see her for SIX months, and at that time, she'll need to have a 3D CT scan.

We also told him the story how Bai asked if she could text Dr. Walker to see if she could ride her bike.  He gave her a big smile and said, you can text me anytime. HAHA.

We talked to the plastic surgeon on the way out, and he remembered Bailey right away, and said the incision looks good.  She wasn't happy to be there, that's for sure....

We are SOOO thrilled not to have to (hopefully, knock on wood) go back to Primary Children's Hospital for SIX MONTHS!!!

Thanks for everyone's support thru everything...We're glad its basically over :)

Our bills have been super high, but we got a bit of good news with one of them (our highest one).  They said if we paid it off in full, this week-they'd discount it 30%.  That's a BIG chunk of change.  So we're gonna do it, and make it work.  That'll save us a lot of money in the long run, and it'll have one bill paid off.  WOOT!!!

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