Monday, August 23, 2010

One Month...


One month ago TODAY, we were sitting in the PICU while Bai was off and on sleeping and in some pain. We had no answers, weren't sure what was going on, and things still hadn't sunk in.

We're glad that this is where we're at today, and very VERY grateful.

This pic was taken last nite, as she decided she needed to eat a poptart at 10:30 pm in my bedroom...this was the sweet face I got. Love this kid. She cracks us up everyday. Such a cute kid.
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  1. hey Bai! I love poptarts too! what kind is your favorite?

  2. Without Hesitation, she said, BLUEBERRY!!!

  3. LOL! NICE! I dont know that I've ever tried that one. My favorite is cherry (of course) w/the frosting on top