Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Update.

There's no real "new" update to say right now.

Bailey is doing really well. She sometimes complains of a headache, but doesn't want to do anything about it. She just wants to be Bailey, which is great! Her sutures are dissolving, and it is soooo crazy to watch that happen. The incision is starting to itch her, so I got some advice from a friend, of what to do for that, so Bailey won't scratch at it. We found blood on her hand yesterday, not knowing where it came from, so we're guessing it was that...

We went to Boondocks on Saturday to celebrate Bailey being home, and the tumor being benign and all of that. It poured on us almost the whole time, but it was still interestingly fun, and Bai loved it. We'll have to go another day when its not going to rain, I guess. I didn't take my camera (weird, I know) but I do have a picture from my phone, I'll put up. :)

We still have to wait until September 7th, to meet with Dr. Walker, the neurosurgeon to find out when the next one will be, and so I'm still being SUPER protective of her, but I find myself letting go just a little bit. She seems to be adjusting a little to it, but still mad about the bike riding. :)

We received an anonymous donation on Sunday...which made us actually think about just how much are bills are going to be. So we looked up how much are deductible is, and what percentages are insurance covers... Our house dreams and Disneyland are out for the next year (or two). That donation we received was a welcome surprise, its going straight towards medical bills. When we get a I guess its going into savings for now :) Thank you to whoever it was!!! You're great!

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  1. I'd take a healthy happy beautiful girl over Disneyland or a house any day, but it's still a bummer. If you need a cheaper getaway, you're welcome to come visit once we're settled. We're only 20 minutes from the Beach (free) and Santa Cruz Boardwalk (fairly inexpensive).