Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Appointment

Wow, what a day!

Bailey as usual, got all dressed up for appointment. She's so funny about things like that. She started to get a little nervous about it as we got closer. She said, "Now nobody's going to poke me right? And if they want to, I can just say no thank you right?"

We had to fill out new patient information when we got to Dr. Walkers office, which took forever...but there wasn't much waiting in the room once we got called back. I love that hospital every one is so nice, and its all kid friendly. Its great.

Dr. Walker checked out her scar, talked to her a little bit, she was so shy! I figured she'd be all talkative, want to sing and dance...I mean, its Bailey!!!

He then gave us the options for what we could do as far as the bone graft. Originally, he had said they were going to do some sort of titanium in there. I guess they've changed their mind on that one. He said they could pull some from the back of her skull, from her rib, or do a bone donor. He stated that since she's so young that the best option might be the donor bone. They said it'll take a few weeks to order that. He also said that her bone and body should accept it just fine, and it should attach and grow with her.

He then called in the plastic surgeon, to check it out. Bai was very unhappy at this point, and would barely let him look at it/touch it. He ordered a 3D Ct scan, to get the correct measurement of what size bone to get. So, we got to go visit Medical Imaging. A place we visited 6 times when we were there in July.

Our favorite Radiology Tech was there....Bonnie! Bailey remembered her, and Bonnie remembered her, and Bailey was so good, and laid still. I'm sure if it was any other Tech in there, it would've been a fight. So glad it was Bonnie. Of course she got a little prize afterwards...

After the CT, we went upstairs to see if our favorite nurse was there (Cassie). She was on Lunch, but she's so sweet, she came out to talk to us. I asked if we could request her, and she said yes...if it could all work out. haha so I hope we can get her when we go!!! Some nurses you click with, and some ya don't. Bailey was so shy around her, but it was nice to be able to tell Cassie that the tumor was benign. :)

So her surgery is scheduled for October 6th, and the day before she'll have to have some blood work done-which Bai will NOT be happy about. I'm so happy to finally have a closure date to this, and let Bailey return to her normal life, and not have to be SOO careful. But, I'm still going to be that over-protective momma.


  1. thank goodness bonnie was there and that you could request cassie to be around when bai is in the hospital again. interesting that they are going to get a bone donor. Sweet!