Monday, October 18, 2010


Bai was very particular this trip. I just called it a trip? Crap. I mean stay. By no means was this a trip! Sure, I packed a suitcase for her, but still. Geez.

She didn't want to get dressed at all, she wanted to do things HER way. Which for the most part was fine. She and I spent a lot of time together. We snuggled a lot. It was great. We watched movies together. I am shocked and amazed at how many movies this little one has memorized! Seriously!

Here she is eating her food just in her lap. She didn't want the whole tray in front of her.

She also didn't want to take that funky looking hat off of her head, I finally got it off about 5 minutes before we were discharged. Silly kiddo.
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