Friday, October 1, 2010


Sorry I didn't update y'all.  I haven't been so good on that.  Been dealing with a migraine all week.

Bailey went in to the doc, she had a CT scan.  No cause for alarm, surgery date is still Wednesday.  I am super nervous for that.

Anywho, doctor said it was some brain fluid leaking (CSF-I believe is what he kept calling it).  And the size will go up and down.  I've noticed when she's more active the size goes up.  She's supposed to lay with it elevated, but she doesn't lay still at all...She is ALL over the place.  She's a wild kid.

The nurse/helper lady is SOO nice in Dr. Walker's office.  She gave Bailey a little purse with a bunch of pennies in it, to make wishes in the wishing well in front of the hospital.  She also remembers how nervous Bailey is, and calms her, and lets her pick her room.  Maybe that's how she is with all the patients, but still, I appreciate it just the same.  She didn't get to see Bonnie in Radiology, so Bailey was super duper nervous, and moved  a whole lot during the Scan, but it was still okay.  As soon as her name was called and she saw it wasn't Bonnie, she freaked out.  Poor thing.

She still says that she doesn't love Dr. Walker though...She's so funny.  I love her so much.

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  1. I'm glad everything is okay! I will remember you guys on Wednesday!!!