Monday, October 18, 2010

Way to Surgery

After getting some Versed to calm some anxiety and fears, she was a little more chilled out, and not so angry with everyone. (She had yelled at the nurse that came in to talk to us...). The Anesthesiologist didn't give us a whole lot of time this time to say goodbye, like we had last time. Probably cause this day was a regular day, and they had lots of kids in there. Last time was a holiday and there was only like 1 other person in the waiting room with us. We cried on our "long" walk back to the waiting room, to wait for our phone calls on updates. They estimated it would take 3 hours, but it only took about 2, maybe 2 1/2. They also told us she would be going to be PICU afterwards but she went to just a regular surgery recovery room. We thought she would go to a NTU room, so we would have a chance to see our Favorite Nurse Cassie and/or have her be our nurse, but we ended up going to the 3rd floor. Sure is different once you get used to something!
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