Saturday, July 24, 2010

8:35 AM July 24th

She looks good, not too much swelling (yet.). We were warned that there was going to be a lot of swelling, so we're just waiting for that to happen I suppose.

She was happy to see Dave and I, when we walked in. But she hasn't been happy at all. She complained right away that her head hurt. She hasn't wanted us to do much. She wanted us to be right with her, which we are, we're practically leaning over the bed with her.

She just got a dose of morphine and is watching Elmo's world. She said her Cousin, B has this movie, and that its his favorite. She has loved the dancing that's in it, and said she can't wait to do that.

She is continually asking to go. The head PICU doc just came in, and said Bailey was cracking jokes with the Nurse Practioner last nite. Awww my little Bai.

She was still clutching "checkers" and her Barbie from Matt & Melissa, this morning. She gets mad when we try and movie them.

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