Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Names...

The Names of the tumor that were passed around by the oncologist that called me yesterday are:

solid aneurysmal bone cyst; giant cell reparative granuloma

We hope to find out more, but that might a few weeks, but basically she's fine, and we are loving just playing games, and coloring and focusing time playing with her, and taking walks. She is LOVING the extra attention from friends, neighbors and family stopping by. She's still a little worreid to get in the car. She has had some bad dreams.
I still wake up concerned that I'm in teh hospital. I guess I should hang some things on my wall, since they're just plain white. But still...we're sooo happy to be home.

I still have some pictures to post, and some video, but I've been busy catching up on sleep, housework, and playing with my little Bailey. We have lots of Thank You notes to write too :)

We look forward to her next surgery, to get all this over with and done, so we can move on with her healthy little life :) She is the best little girl, I could've ever asked for.

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