Saturday, July 24, 2010

Plain Update

Basically there's nothing new that we know of going on...

She's still doing well.

She had a bit of a fever tonite, but seems to have calmed her. She's insisted on keeping 2 blankets on her, but we've convinced her to take the big one off.

She hasn't eaten anything until about 20 minutes ago, so she's nibbling at her food. She complains that it hurts to eat. I hope that it gets better for her, and soon :).
She also complains of an itchy back, and her pillow case is very wet and gross, but she won't let us get her a new one, cause its hte princess one, and she's not adjusting to any more change than she wants to. We already will need to buy her a new pillow when we get home, cause its so soaked in sweat and its nasty.

She's colored a little bit, and napped a very tiny bit.

She's on a chocolate milk kick today. Still loving her string cheese too.

I can't wait to just lay with her and snuggle like the good old days :)

We had lots of visitors today, and I didn't take pictures of everyone, and I probably won't post pictures of others kids on here, just cause, but I did take a few, that I will share individually. :)

I got to see my new nephew which I haven't seen in a month (almost). That was a morale booster for me, for sure.

So, I'm off to get a late nite snack, help bai finish eating, help her find a new movie (or watch The Emporer's new Groove again :( ) and then hopefully get some rest.
Dave and I will probably switch off.

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