Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly Bai...

Dave and I went home to shower, and we had just given Bai a dose of lortab thinking she would fall asleep.

Boy, were we wrong!

She was still wide awake sitting up in bed, being crazy. The nurse on for tonite, said she came in to check on her, and the menu was on for her movie, and she was just sitting there singing songs. Typical Bai.

She had also talked some other nurse into getting her mac n cheese and chocolate milk. AT 1 AM!!!

We brought back some movies that were better than that VHS, I think Bai just got tired of them. Since they are all older movies. Well the first one she picked, was...THE LABYRINTH! Go figure. She's got all the nurses all excited about it. Quite cute.

Bai sweat so much in her bed or spilled her drink or something that her bed got wet. So she screamed SOOO loud JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to call her nurse in. Good thing her nurse has a great sense of humor, and thought it was great.

She keeps telling Dave, that she's so happy. I hope we get happy news tomorrow :) So we can ALL be happy! :)

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