Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally Admitted


At about 12:30am, we got admitted. After sitting in the ER for about 4-5 hours, they finally decided what they were going to do.

We had spoken to many nurses, doctors, a neuro surgeon, and the neuro surgeon had spoken to another neuro surgeon....we even had social workers and child life people come talk to us all nite. A social worker to help us handle the news, (but I think we sorta scared him off) kept bringing bailey string cheese. She loved that.

Bailey didn't have her favorite fluffy blanket, that Wendi had given her when she was a baby (that she still uses now), so one of the child life people brought her a fleece tie dye blanket that she fell in love with. Such a great idea for kids that come in without blankets. I love it.

Bailey was very happy at this point, and still not very sure about what was going on but Mom and dad were having a very hard time. We were glad that our friend Ben H, came over for a little bit.
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