Friday, July 23, 2010



Thursday, we had a LOT of waiting to do.

After the scan, we had to wait in the waiting room for the doc to call us. Then we had to wait to find out what they were going to do with us...err Bailey. Then they told us to go to the ER so we waited in there for about 5 hours, yeah that was a blast, let me tell you.

It was really hard to entertain a 3 year old for sooo long. Even with movies. I really felt like I was in a room with padded walls. I kept on getting up and walking around.

Our phones were dead, we didn't have service. We couldn't call long distance from the phones, so our families had absolutely no idea what was going on. It was no fun for me to deal with that.

So here's pics of Bai...waiting :)
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