Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning

Dave and I slept on the "bed/couch" in shifts last nite, so we're both a little sore.

We could both totally use a massage/chiro adjustment after all this. ouch! haha

She slept most of the nite, for once, but was up really early. Right before my shift of sleepign in the chair was up, she had a fit of pain, so they gave her some tylenol, I believe, and that helped. Her fever broke, before we went to sleep and she's doing better on that end.

Her face is looking a lot more swollen today, but she's got her cute little smiel goign on, its adorable.

I was awoken to her going, Dad, its morning Mommy needs to wake up! Funny kiddo.

Found out she was acting a little loopy due to some medicine they had just given her. :)

She just had a CT scan, and is now beading some necklaces/bracelets for an activity.

She was doing some random signs before the CT scan in some pictures, it was funny.

I told her that Dave's cousin would probably be coming to visit her today, and she got real excited.

She's still complaining about her back being sweaty and itchy so we take turns itching it and blowing cool air on it.

Other than all that, nothing else is new.

She'll have an MRI in the morning, and hopefully we'll know more tomorrow!

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