Friday, July 23, 2010

What started it all....

Since this is a mirror image, think about it on her right side...

We thought she had fallen and just gotten a goose-egg, since he had gotten a rug burn on her knee.

We were at a game store Friday July 16th, and she asked me to fix her headband, so I bent over to fix it, since she just loves that. I noticed this bump on her side of her head. I asked Dave to come check it out, and we just brushed it off thinking it was just a goose-egg...really.

We waited for it to get softer, and bruise, and all of that, but it never did.

So Wednesday, I asked my friend Sandra (who is a nurse) to check it out. She wasn't sure, but we talked about it for a while. Bailey gave her some crazy stories on how it could have happened. Fun times.

After posting pics of it on Facebook, we decided to take her in to get it checked out at the advice of some friends.

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