Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Good & The Bad.

Good News...
Looks like we'll be going home today, sometime. Bailey has to meet a few criteria for that to happen, but she's just as anxious to go as we are, so I'm sure if we bribe her with home, it'll happen!

Bad News...

Still unsure what it is. It is not the Histi----word I said previously. Well at least they don't think it is. I believe the surgeon said that oncology has ruled that out. Its now some sort of Sarcoma. They are just trying to figure out what kind.

We will have an appointment HERE, with oncology tomorrow to go over things. If they postpone it, I will be one ugly mother. I just want some answers!

Bailey will have a CT scan of her Chest and Abdomen later today since oncology has asked for that.

Her neurosurgeon team, Dr. Walker and Dr. Bollo are great. We see Dr. Bollo here 24 hours a day, our first meeting wasn't so kind, as he abruptly woke me up at 7AM, and I couldn't carry on a conversation with him, but he is very nice, and says hi to Bailey when we're on our walks.

Bailey is excited to see her friends Liam and Ashlie today. Right now we are just watching her 2nd favorite Movie, Alice in Wonderland :) The Real one, as she would say it.

Oh, and Dr. Walker said, that we will need to see him at the end of August to finish up her surgery or something like that. ack.

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