Friday, July 23, 2010

CT Scan!

We had a very nice x-ray tech (Bonnie) that did the CT Scan on Bailey. She made sure that we had time to make Bailey feel comfortable, and that we felt comfortable.

There were tons of toys to play with. I keep on forgetting that this is a children's hospital. Bailey sat so well thru it, and only moved a tiny bit. She loved the wand, and the I-Spy bottle. She asked if we could make an I-Spy bag or bottle. She LOVES I-Spy things.

For being so good in Radiology, they gave her a black and white cat, with a band aid on the foot that says, feel purrrfect soon! bailey loves it, and hasn't let go yet.

She named it Checkers. She still talks about who gave her Checkers, It was Bonnie, but Bailey calls her, the Grandma. :)

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