Friday, July 23, 2010


This is Bailey in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The surgeon decided that it would be best if she was under very close watch for the first nite. We've had a great nurse, Jessica.

Apparently, on the way from OR, to recovery, Bailey pulled out her Catheder, it landed on her pillow, and then she went to go lay on it. The doctors/nurses have all gotten a kick out of Bailey, and her little attitude. People have commented on how cute she is.

She hasn't eaten yet, but has drank her orange slushies a LOT.

Grandma came to visit too. :)

We've read some books, and mostly she's just slept a lot.

We have to leave the PICU between 7 and 8 (am and pm) so the nurses can do their shift change, and the new ones can learn about the last 12 hours on the patients. Our nurse just found, Dave and I, and Matt and Mel in the cafeteria, and said she just gave Bailey her first dose of Morphine for pain. Bailey is soooo s trong. :)

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