Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well, its 7:40 AM on July 24th. I guess its some sort of holiday today. The PICU, has no visiting from 7am-8am, so we're just sitting in the waiting room. I've done my hair and make up and have clean clothes on.

Supposedly Bailey will have an MRI done today.

Dave's Dad Gary will come visit today, along with my parents, and possibly my brother. I believe Dave's sister Melissa and her husband are coming again as well.

I wonder if Bailey will remember. I'm trying to take as many pictures for her (like thats hard for me to do).

Last nite as I was trying to get comfortable in the rocking chair, I decided I needed to go home. I needed a nice long shower, in MY shower. It took some convincing of Dave, and we tried to find a local hotel instead, since its somewhat of a long drive home. All local rooms were either WAY too expensive, or booked. We're guessing becuase of Pioneer Day. Weird.

But we went home, checked the mail, checked on the house. Thanks to whomever brought the trashcans up. :) We showered, packed some things, and some clean clothes, I got a sweatshirt (my favorite pink, nike one) and some socks...and then we got back here about 3:30 AM, and we slept for 3 1/2 hours. I feel totally rested. I wonder if it was the shower OR the sleeping, but I'm good. Yes, I'll need a nap later, but I just want to see my little bailey bean. Things are starting to hit me. Now that i've put on mascara...Great....

Chances are we'll be moved to a regular room today, so visits won't be so tight, so come visit, please :) Not only could Bailey use it, but Mom and Dad too :)

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